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Good-bye to Summer

Bestower of Fruitfulness,
little pockets of gold
sing among the green,
humming the melody
of autumn’s arrival.
The calendar speaks
of no such thing,
but trees rarely lie.

Summer’s vibrant swelling
of sweet fruitfulness
still entices me,
Cool mornings and ripe afternoons
are too delicious for me
to simply say “good-bye.”

I grieve again summer’s going.
I struggle once more to welcome
the dying inherent in autumn.

I turn to my heart,
where you dwell in harmony.
Together we will prepare
for this never-easy-call
to say farewell to fruitfulness.

Wise Lady of the Seasons,
you sing a spiraling melody,
urging me onward with your song,
the only words of which I hear
are “let go, let go, let go.”
Joyce Rupp


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