“The Portiuncula Center for Prayer nestled in St. Francis Woods and rooted in the Franciscan tradition, is a sacred space of welcome for those seeking peace of mind, body, and spirit.” Mission Statement

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The Power of Letting Go

I once was a wave
I was steady and strong
In the rhythm of ripples I traveled along
And I crossed a great distance that all looked the same
A wave among waves in a place with no name.
Time went by and a shoreline appeared
Whispering of changes and endings I feared
And I couldn’t go back and I wouldn’t go under
So I rode to the sand in the foam and the thunder…
Now a splash from the wave
I dance to the skies
Where the sun makes me vapor
And weightless I rise…
And I’m carried to places I never would know
Through the power of letting go.

Music and Lyrics by Chris Spheeris



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