“The Portiuncula Center for Prayer nestled in St. Francis Woods and rooted in the Franciscan tradition, is a sacred space of welcome for those seeking peace
of mind, body, and spirit.”
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“As I grew older,…eventually I made some
startling discoveries — three of them — and they have
changed my life forever.
The first of these is the amazing revelation
that I am made up of stardust, that every part
and parcel of who I am materially was once
a piece of a star shining in the heavens.
The second discovery is that the air I breathe is the air
that has circled the globe and been drawn in and
out by people, creatures and vegetation
in lands and seas far away.
But the most astounding discovery that both
awakened and affirmed my early childhood awareness
is the fact that I am part of a vast and marvelous
dance that goes on unceasingly at every moment in the
most minute particles of the universe….”
Joyce Rupp


Circle of Giving

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