“The Portiuncula Center for Prayer nestled in St. Francis Woods and rooted in the Franciscan tradition, is a sacred space of welcome for those seeking peace of mind, body, and spirit.” Mission Statement

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Inner Freedom by Joyce Rupp

Liberating Spirit,
part of me has forgotten
the freedom of self-acceptance,
the putting aside of what others think,
the quieting of the inner voices
that demand, nag and whine.

Part of me has stopped believing
in my potential for growth,
in the possibilities of my dreams,
in the grace of my prayer.

Part of me holds too tightly
to what the ego knows,
to securities that have grown stale,
to fears that stand in domination.

I want to remember
my inner wings,
I want to soar free
under the welcoming sky
of personal freedom.

Winged One, Free One,
enter my imprisoned self.
Break the bonds
that clasp my spirit.
Whisper in my soul’s ear:
“Wings, wings,
remember your wings!”


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