“The Portiuncula Center for Prayer nestled in St. Francis Woods and rooted in the Franciscan tradition, is a sacred space of welcome for those seeking peace of mind, body, and spirit.” Mission Statement

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A Lenten Prayer by Joyce Rupp

Holy One, you created me in my mother’s womb.
You know the core goodness residing within me.
You also know my propensity for self-orientation.
You see how I want others to grow and change.
You know the thoughts and feelings that run rampant
when I encounter someone whose behavior I dislike.

If I say, “Surely I can get this person to be as I want,”
nudge me insistently with your grace-filled message;
“Leave the other person’s transformation alone.
Tend to your own aspects that need to be altered.”

In this Lenten season, guide me to a clearer awareness.
Lead me to move beyond a wish to transform others.
Focus my attention on the personal renewal I resist.
May I become more alert and accepting of the reality
that the only person I can set about changing is myself.