Body Work

 Poverello Holistic Center

“Pay attention to your body…It is a vehicle for simple presence.”             

Tilden Edwards

Therapeutic Massage:
Massage Therapy enhances general health and well-being and has been proven effective for relaxation, relief of muscle tension and mental, emotional and spiritual renewal. A relaxing massage eases tensions with long, gliding strokes and muscle kneading. Deep tissue and myofacial release employ specific techniques to lengthen muscles and restore range of motion through a deep, penetrating attention to muscle groups. Individual therapists also employ muscle release techniques, warm stones and moist, warm packs.
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Full-Body Hot Stone Massage:
With the use of hot stones on the entire body, this modality takes massage to a new level. Heat from the stones provides a relaxing, sedative effect on the nervous system, allowing muscle tissue to soften and relax.
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Reflexology is a special science that has its roots in the Far East and is an offshoot of acupuncture. Reflexology works with reflexes in the feet which correspond to all parts of the body. When specific points on the feet are given firm yet gentle touch, congestion in the corresponding region of the body is also unblocked so that circulation improves overall. Particular attention to the feet can refresh the whole body, relieve tension and improve nerve and blood supply.
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Reiki or Healing Touch:
Reiki and healing touch are  relaxing, nurturing gentle touch therapies that assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Recipients remain fully clothed during treatment.
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Vibrational Massage with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls:
During this therapeutic session you may lie on a massage table or sit on a zero gravity lounge chair, fully dressed. You will be guided to a level of relaxation through conscious awareness followed by the sound frequencies of the crystal bowls, creating a sacred space. As we are enfolded in this expansive field of energy, one feels safe to go deeper into relaxation, allowing a deeper connection to your cellular knowing and bringing forth feelings of balance and harmony. When working with sound and crystals, there may be profound effects on the organs, tissues, cells, as well as other systems in the body, mind and spirit. The vibrational frequencies are like having an internal massage. During a session, bowls will be placed on your body and the vibrational frequencies are deeply felt. Some massage techniques may also be incorporated in the session to aide in the integration of energy. (This therapeutic session is highly recommend for those not feeling comfortable undressing or for those unable to lie on a table due to physical conditions.)

Full Body Massage and Sound Healing:
This session is a combination of Holistic Massage and Vibrational Massage.
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Rates:  One hour body treatment/$65.00; Half hour body treatment/$45.00; One hour and a half body treatment/$100.00;  Full Body Hot Stone Massage/$80-60 minutes or $115/90 minutes. One half hour Vibrational Sound Massage/$55.00, One hour/$75.00, One hour and a half Full body massage with vibrational sound/$125.00.   Gift Certificates are available by phone or in person at The Poverello, The Portiuncula Center, or The Motherhouse.